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Holiday Gift Ideas: How to give the perfect gift

It’s just weeks till Christmas and you haven’t begun shopping for gifts. Need holiday gift ideas? Don’t worry, Queen Of Styles has you covered! We know that 2020 has been a very hard year! Getting gifts is just not that easy!

With Covid-19 still among us, most people just want the simple things in life. We are going to help you bring smiles to your family for Christmas. Here we will give you my suggestions on the perfect gifts for your loved ones for the holidays.

You do have to keep in mind that if ordering gifts online that shipping has to be kept into consideration. Everyone is shopping at this time of year so I know that the post office will be slammed with shipping packages for the holidays.

With everything that has happened in 2020, I think everyone needs a stress reliever. When you think of relieving stress I think of essential oils, a massage, and candles. You don’t want to go to dollar tree or Walmart and just throw anything in the cart. You have to be thoughtful.

holiday gift ideas with Black-Owned Businesses

RSG Home and Body Collection

Vanilla whipped Cappuccino from the RSG Collection

RSG Home and Body Collection a black-owned e-commerce business that sells handmade products. A wonderful place to buy gifts for candle lovers or to buy self-care gifts. From body whips to beautiful candles you’re going to love their product selections.

The Vanilla Whipped Cappuccino candle is so beautiful! It is a special candle that RSG makes strictly for the holidays. Pair the candle with items from their bath and body collection such as the body scrubs or polishes to create the perfect gift! Get 30% off when you buy 45$ or more. They also give 10% off for being a first-time customer!

Queen Of Styles Hair and beauty collection

Shop Queen Of Styles

Queen Of Styles is a perfect selection when shopping for the women in your life! It is a black-owned e-commerce business that sells Premium virgin hair extensions, mink lashes, natural hair care products, and more.

Does she love lashes? Give the gift of Mink lashes, pair them with a Lash applicator and Lash adhesive liner to complete the package. Trust me she will love it! Maybe she has been wanting a new look. If so Queen Of Styles has what you need to give her the new look that she desires.

Or maybe it could be a wonderful gift to give to yourself. Go ahead splurge a little! This ear has been hard on everyone, you deserve it. Queen Of Styles is giving up to 50% off on all 3D mink lashes. Subscribe and receive a 10% off coupon code sent right to your email.

beard zion

Beard Zion LLc

Need the perfect gift for the men in your life? Look no further Beard Zion is a black-owned e-commerce business that specializes in the perfect products for men’s beards. They have so many products to choose from. You can mix and match to create your own package.

Beards are what’s popular now among men. You can’t just have the men in your life walking around with dry unhealthy beards. Give them the gift of self-care. Women love a bearded man with a nice healthy and moisturized beard.

At Beard Zion, they have everything your loved one needs to care for their beard. I have the entire kit for my husband and he loves it! So do I! Go ahead and check the men in your life off the list by shopping at Beard Zion.

Holiday gift ideas continued

Still, having trouble finding a gift? Okay, I have other ideas remember I told you I would give you 10. You can never go wrong with gift cards. Give them a gift card to their favorite store. Or a store that you know will have something they need and would love to shop at. You can never go wrong with buying gift cards to places like Walmart or Targets.

the gift that keeps on giving

A gift that will create wealth would be the gift of stocks and or bonds. This is a perfect gift for kids and adults. I know your thinking to yourself, why would I do that. Just hear me out, of all the material things we could give our kids or loved ones why not give them the gift of learning about wealth. If you buy stocks for your child or loved one now with the right company you are setting them up for success and another avenue for income.

Think about the times we are in right now, and just think if someone bought that gift for you how it would help you today. Give them the gift of wealth and teach them how to use it. Or send them in the direction to learn. You can also do this by creating a business for them, or gifting them a website to start up a business.

Give a man a fish you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

Lao Tzu/ Chinese Philosopher
less expensive HOLIDAY gifts IDEAS

Another stress-relieving gift would be a massage. Treat that special someone to a day at the spa for a nice and relaxing massage and or facial. I have received this gift numerous times and I loved it. I have also given this to others as gifts as well. Who doesn’t like a nice massage that is already paid for?

The gift of wine is a great idea for wine lovers! I am a wine lover and my favorite wine is Stella Rose Black. There are other wines that I like but I prefer Stella Rose. Just put it in a lovely little wine gift bag and there you have it! A great gift for the wine lovers in your life.

Have a man in your life that loves cigars? Well, give the gift of cigars! If it eases their mind and helps them relax then find them the best quality cigars. Maybe give them a set with the cigar holder and cutter. Or how about a wonderful men’s cologne such as Gucci for men. Turn it into a gift basket with lotion and a body wash.


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