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Natural Hair Care With Protective Styles

Natural hair care is very important. When wearing protective styles we still have to take care of our natural hair that’s underneath. What would be the point of a protective style if you don’t maintain your natural hair? What actually would the protective style be protecting?

We wear sew-ins, braids, and wigs to protect our crowns. Yes, that’s right your natural hair is considered to be your crown. So wear it proudly! Different everyday elements can harm our hair, as well as tools that we use, can create havoc to it as well. Let’s get deeper into what can damage your crown.

natural hair care

Heat is damaging to your hair, this is why it is not a good idea to use flat irons and curling irons every day. Heat causes breakage as well as split ends, but if you must use these hair tools always remember to use a Heat Protectant. Mist your hair with it before using the styling tools. Roller sets are a perfect solution!

Flexi rods are another way of giving your hair curls without using heat. Roll your hair at night and wrap it with a silk scarf or silk bonnet. The solutions I have listed are great ideas but sometimes we as women want something quick and easy to deal with because we have one million other things to worry about.

Natural hair care

Protective styles are very popular today. Wigs are making a huge comeback with lace front and full lace wigs they look so real! Now to get a realistic look, there are a lot of different methods that are used. The most popular method is using lace glue. This is where a lot of women damage their hair and scalp because they do not use the product correctly.

I have seen horrible results from not using lace glue correctly which defeats the purpose of wearing a wig because now you have damaged your edges and scalp. When taking the wig off use lace glue remover to remove the glue without damaging your hair and skin. Also, make sure that you clean the lace on the wig as well to get rid of any leftover residue. Washing your hair while wearing a protective style is very imperative.

Protective styles are usually worn for 1-2 months and braids depending on the type of braids. You must oil your scalp with a good oil that will treat your scalp and hair. I recommend Royale Magic hair serum. When taking your protective style down give it a good deep condition or hot oil treatment.

Royale Magic Hair Serum

Detangling natural hair only when wet, use a detangling brush to help you. To detangle starting from the ends of the hair and work your way up to the roots. This way you clear the tangles easily and guide them up to the roots. By doing it this way you create less breakage. These are just a few tips and tricks to help you keep your hair looking healthy and well maintained.

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