Queen’s Lace Glue


Our lace glue is great for lace wigs and frontal! It Dries Clear, Odor-free, Waterproof, Non-toxic, and Latex Free. Make sure to get our lace glue remover, for a healthier hair choice!

Queen’s Lace Glue

Queen’s lace glue is great for lace wigs and frontals!  It gives a strong hold no matter the climate you are in! This lace glue will have others wondering whether it’s your natural hair or a wig!! Keep them guessing by using our lace glue! For the best results purchase our lace glue remover which is formulated to remove the glue gently! For a better install use our silk edge scarf.  Want to slay your edges at the same time? Use our edge control to get the perfect slay!

Included: Lace Glue Only


Always Shake Well Before Using


  1.   Gently remove any oils from the area of application using 91% Alcohol or lower.
  2.  Apply a thin layer of Lace Glue to the skin, you can apply up to 3 layers.
  3.    Allow adhesive to dry clear between EACH layer.
  4.  Apply Lace / Unit to Clear Adhesive.
  5. Smooth it down with the back end of a comb
  6. Then use Queen’s silk edge scarf to lay it down until completely dry
  7. For best results remove the lace glue with our lace glue remover



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