Short Silk Bonnet


Protect your hair from breakage with our silk hair bonnets!

Short Silk Hair Bonnet

Our bonnets are lightweight and protect your hair from breakage. Keeping your styles protected so you can relax and slay!! Made of a silky satin material to protect your hair at night from fibers. Sleeping on any other type of fabric will cause breakage because it pulls on your hair causing breakage that you can not feel while sleeping. Our bonnets also protect your hair from frizz while keeping your style intact. So that you can go to sleep with peace of mind not worrying about your hair. Sleep with comfort knowing that Queen Of Styles’s short silk bonnet has your hair protected and covered. We want nothing but the best for your hair. This is why we take a lot of care and attention to the products we design for our customers. Need to slay your wig or edges as well? Check out our silk edge scarves made with the same material and care

 16 different bonnet colors to choose from. These colors include Black,  Blue, Blush Pink,  Charcoal Gray, Cream, Hot Pink, Lavender, Purple, Ruby Red,  and Tiffany Blue.

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