Silk Edge Scarf


Treat your edges like royalty by using the Queen Of Styles silk edge scarf!

Can be used as an edge scarf, nonslip headwrap, headband for makeup, facial, Yoga, and sports!

Silk Edge Scarf

Maintain healthy edges by using a Queen Of Styles silk edge scarf.  Our scarves are lightweight, soft, and silky. A great way to slay your edges while keeping them protected and healthy.  Your hair is your crown and it deserves the best treatment possible.  Made of silk and long enough to lay your edges down. You can use it to lay your edges or to help lay the lace down on a lace front wig. Make sure to not tie the scarf too tight. Tying it tight will cause your lace or edges to have creases. This is the case when using anything to lay your edges or lace. For an amazing slay pair this scarf with our famous edge control that also promotes healthy hair growth while leaving your edges smelling good with a stronghold!  Who’s ready to slay those edges?

  • Extra-long
  • 55in x 4in
  • Pure Silk
  • Strong durability
  • High quality

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