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Quality vs non-quality hair

The need for high-quality hair is becoming more popular every day. The problem is that everyone wants what’s popular but, not willing to pay the amount of money it cost for quality hair. It used to be easy to get your hair done. You would just go to your local beauty supply store and buy however many packs of hair you needed. The prices were in different ranges because of all the different choices you had to choose from. So, you could spend 19$ on one pack of hair but you need about 3 packs so with taxes included you walk out with about 60$ worth of descent hair. Well now with the Remy hair, raw hair, etc. you will not be able to pay that price and get decent hair at ALL! There is a difference between beauty supply store hair and the now popular hair that’s found in bundle deals.

Non- remey hair is usually collected from hairbrushes, and hair that has fallen on the floor. Alot of human hair sold today is non-Remy hair. Therefore, it’s cheaper and you can only wear the it one time. You definitely can’t get it wet! This will cause a major disaster and your hair will be ruined.

Processed hair means that chemicals and certain techniques are used on the hair such as silicone to get the desired look as if it is indeed Remy. With virgin hair, it means exactly that! The hair is virgin meaning no chemicals of the sort have been used on the hair to get the desired curl pattern or look. This is exactly why this hair can get wet without messing it up! No need to be scared to swim in the pool or at the beach with this type of hair.

You can also dye this hair to your desired color of choice. With virgin hair, you can put the same amount of heat on it that you put on your natural hair. If you get curly or wavy hair you can straighten it and when you want your hair to wave or curl back up just get it wet and the curls will bounce right back! Remy Hair is the highest quality of human hair, the cuticles are kept intact and always going in the same direction.

Now let’s get into the wig game! You can get synthetic, and non-Remy human hair wig but it can’t be colored, wash, or put a lot of heat to it. Don’t let me get started on getting in the pool or going to the beach with a synthetic wig on. That is a complete no, no! In the virgin hair industry, you can get a lace wig, full lace, front lace, or even a closure wig. You can do anything to these wigs that can be done to your natural hair. These are all the reasons why you will not be able to pay normal beauty store prices for this type of hair. If you choose the correct supplier, you can get your money’s worth. With the right care and maintenance, this type of hair can last you for a couple of years.

So, take the cost of the hair and divide it by its longevity you will see what you’re getting. Once you take out processed hair you must throw the hair away. Think of how much money you’re wasting. Remy hair is different, you can take you sew-in down, wash the hair, and get it installed again. Maybe this time you want to add some color! Do you see where I’m going with this? Not everyone who claims to have quality hair is telling the truth! I’ve spent a lot of years and money to do this homework for you! We will cover that in another educational blog! subscribe to my website to find out how to care for your hair and much more!

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