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Tips For Mink Lash care

Once you get a taste of wearing mink lashes you will never want to go back to wearing anything else. The difference between the types of lashes will be noticed immediately. Queen of Styles mink lashes are elegant and come in a variety of choices. Some of the choices are 3D, 5D, thin line, and 25mm. If you take care of them correctly you can get 20-25 wears. That’s more than the normal pair of lashes that will get you maybe 1-5 wears. Are you new to lashes and want to understand which lash would be perfect for you? Ok, let’s break it down just a little bit. If you love the dramatic long look then our 25mm and 5D collection would be great for you! Maybe you have a photoshoot or an event where you need a bold look but not so much in length. Our 3D minks and thin line collection would be perfect for you!! Within our 3D and thin line collection, we have lashes that have a more natural not so bold, and long look. Faux mink lashes are extremely popular as well, but not a lot of people who sell faux lashes will advertise them as being faux. These are cheaper with fewer wears. Although these lashes are stunning as well, you can tell the difference.

Lash Paste Liner
Queen Of Styles Lash Adhesive

Now let’s talk about lash glues, Most people use the brush on glue to apply strip lashes. The problem is that sometimes it can get a little messy because it is not precise. Queen Of Styles carries a lash adhesive that is in the form of a liner. It goes on like a liner when wet it is a lash glue. Once it dries it looks just like liner because that’s exactly what it is. So, It makes putting glue on your lashes more precise and less of a mess. Using any type of glue after a while will cause buildup on any type of lashes. this is where maintenance comes in and it is especially important. Buildup lessens the life of your lashes and they eventually look horrible when wearing them. Don’t let this happen to you, take care of your product! After all, you paid good money, so why not make them last if possible. You should clean your lashes after every use by using an oil-free makeup remover. If you don’t have makeup remover, you can use soap and water or alcohol. Hold the lashes with your lash applicator, take a q-tip, and dip it in the solution. Once the q-tip is saturated rub it across the band of your lashes and the glue should peel right off. When you finish cleaning your lashes put them back in the box, they came in so they can dry back into their natural curved form. There you have it, the most simple and easy steps to care for your mink lashes to make them last!

5d mink lashes -Mary
Queen Of Styles 5D Mink Lashes- Mary

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