What Is Virgin Hair? (Everything you need to know)

Virgin Hair Extensions

If you love wearing protective styles, then you are familiar with virgin hair. Although, it’s been a trend for many years. Many are just now learning about them.

They are a hot commodity. To love them you have to understand their uniqueness. They are different from the extensions you are used to buying.

 Some feel as though this type of hair is expensive. It’s only expensive if you are looking at just the price and not its value. 

It lasts longer than chemically processed extensions purchased from the local beauty supply store. 

Depending on the type of virgin hair and how you care for them, it can last you for a couple of years.

Now take chemically processed hair that you can only use one time. Getting the hair wet will destroy the hair.

Imagine how many times you would have to continuously buy this type of hair over a 1-2 year time period.

Verses, buying virgin hair one time and reusing it over 1-2 years. That’s right! You can take a protective style down and reuse the virgin hair extensions.

 If you think virgin hair is too expensive, take its price and divide it by its longevity.

Lastly, compare it to continuously buying chemically processed hair from the beauty supply store. Then tell me which one is cheaper.

What is Virgin Hair?

It is human hair that has not been chemically processed to give it texture which means, it hasn’t been permed, relaxed, bleached, or dyed.

. They collect it from a single donor, with all cuticles moving in the same direction and intact. 

Once the hair has been chemically altered, It is no longer considered to be virgin hair. 

The chemical process cannot be reversed once added to the hair. Chemicals change the way the hair performs.  Take extra care of your extensions the same way you would care for your natural hair.

What type of hair is chemically processed?

Good question! Chemically processed hair is found in packs at the local beauty supply store. It gives it a beautiful shine and silky look. It is coated with silicone mix to make it look soft and appealing. 

Beauty supply store

When chemically processed hair gets wet, it also loses its shine and softness. This type of hair also sheds a lot. You can get one wear out of this hair before you have to toss it. This is why virgin hair is so valuable in the hair industry.

Everyone that claims to sell virgin hair is not telling the truth. If you don’t educate yourself properly you have a high chance of getting scammed.

Benefits of Virgin hair

 There are so many benefits to using virgin hair when creating a protective style. You can get this hair, wet ladies!

Yes, that’s right! No more worrying about destroying your hair while getting wet during your vacation. You can have fun in the sun, swimming in the pool water or on the beach. 

Just wash your hair afterward. You can either dry it naturally or blow dry It! Want beautiful curls?  You can achieve this look by using flat irons or curling irons.

You can manipulate this hair to the style that you desire.  Furthermore, If it is taken care of properly, you can get a lot of wearers from this hair.

Let’s say you can reuse this hair for 1-2 years. Take the price of the hair and divide it by the length of time you can reuse it.

You can get so many different looks from the same bundles of hair. Now you understand the value of this type of hair extensions and why it is so popular.

Raw vs Virgin

As discussed earlier, virgin hair is human hair that has not been chemically altered. However, raw hair is also 100% human hair that has not been altered chemically or steamed processed in any way.

It is just like the human hair that is grown from the scalp. Raw hair is the purest hair in the market.

Raw hair is sourced from India, Cambodia, Burma, and Vietnam. Then it undergoes a sanitation process. Unlike virgin hair, there is not a huge variety of raw hair.

Queen Of Styles, has Indian hair that Is sourced from the southeast temples of India and Vietnamese hair from Vietnam.

Raw hair is available in 2 textures, straight and naturally wavy. Virgin hair is more popular because it has more textures.

Types of Raw hair

  • Cambodian
  • Vietnamese
  • Indian

Types of Virgin hair

  • Brazilian
  • Malaysian
  • Peruvian
  • Mongolian

How to care for Virgin hair

Caring for your virgin hair extension is particularly important. You should never detangle the hair it’s while wet. Wash the hair if it has a lot of product build-up.

Use a good oil that is light to help to moisturize the hair such as, Chi Silk Infusions or One N’Only Argon Oil.

While paying close attention to the nape of the hair, which gets tangled very easily, apply more product.

Water is your friend when caring for this hair. Especially when it comes to the curly textures, it helps to moisturize them.

Using the L.O.C method is a good idea to help lock in moisture. Use a satin or silk bonnet at night to protect your hair. Always use heat protectant spray when using hot styling tools. This hair can get damaged the same as your natural hair.

Can Virgin hair be lifted to a blonde color?

There are different grades and types of virgin hair. Queen Of Styles has hair that can be lifted to a #27. 

It is important to know the level that the hair you purchase can achieve. In fact, not knowing this can damage the hair if colored incorrectly.

What’s the best hair?

Raw hair is the best hair in the market. Due to It only having 2 types of textures, it is not the most popular.

Virgin hair is not the best however, it’s the most popular due to its different textures.

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