Queen Edge Brush


Queen edge brush is the perfect 2 in 1 tool to add to your daily routine to style your edges!! You can create different swoops and swirls to bring your edges to life! Our edge brush is very sturdy and firm.  It has a comb at the bottom for better control of your style. So you can now brush, comb and swoop your styles

Queen Edge Brush is an essential tool to add to your daily hair routine.  Our edge brush is Firm, solid, and of good quality that is delicate enough to define your edges. A 2 in 1 styling tool that enables you to brush, comb, and swoop your edges to the desired style. This high-quality brush features densely packed bristles that effortlessly blend and buff out the product for a seamless finish.

The unique edge design allows for easy contouring, highlighting, and sculpting, making it a versatile tool for any look. No more worrying about bristles getting loss in your hair or falling out everywhere. With our design your brush will stay intact. It is made with sturdier material that doesn’t involve plastic.  Our edge brush is worth the investment. Upgrade your beauty arsenal with the Queen Edge brush and experience professional results in the comfort of your own home. For a better look and outcome pair it with our extra firm hold Edge Control  


Apply Queen’s edge control to your hair, then use our edge brush to swoop brush and comb your hair into the desired style.

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