how to care for virgin hair extensions


How to care for virgin hair extensions: When purchasing virgin hair extensions, caring for them is particularly important to get the appropriate usage. As well as keeping your extensions looking soft, silky, and fresh! Many people purchase this hair and have no clue on how to care for it. This ends up being a waste of money and good hair! Just like your natural hair, your extensions need love too.

What Is Virgin Hair?

We will first start by explaining what Virgin hair extensions are. It is hair that has not been chemically altered. Meaning it has not been bleached, permed, or dyed. It is chemically unprocessed hair. It is different from the hair everyone is used to buying in the beauty supply store.

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Queen Of Styles Empress Burgundy Wig from the Color Collection

Once you introduce chemicals to this hair such as bleach it is not considered to be virgin hair anymore. When you put chemicals on it then it changes the texture of the hair. You can never go back to it being virgin hair again. Virgin means pure, like when you were firstborn. Once altered with chemicals it’s no longer virgin or pure hair.

Of course, you can still bleach it to a 613 blonde, or dye it your most desired color. I just want you to be aware that once you do this you cannot go back to it being virgin hair again. If you would like to go a bit deeper into the different quality of hair then read Quality vs Non-quality Hair. So now that I have explained to you what virgin hair is, lets jump into knowing how to care for your extensions.

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What is the L.O.C Method?

The loc method is L= liquid, O= oil, and C= creme. This method is also used for your natural hair as well. If you would like to know how to care for your natural hair while wearing a protective style check out Natural hair care with protective styles. Using this method for extensions you will need to use a light oil. I like to use Argon oil or Chi Silk Infusion.

How to use the L.O.C Method

First, use liquid to hydrate the hair usually water. You can also mix water with conditioner to create a leave-in conditioner mix with mainly water. The neat thing about virgin hair is when you add water just like your natural hair it goes back to its natural state. So, if you have wavy or curly bundles when you wake up in the morning you can spray it with water. This will freshen your curls back to its natural state.


Oil is next, make sure you use a lightweight oil. Using a heavy oil will weigh the hair down making it hard to hold a curl. If you made this mistake it is ok just wash the hair and apply a lightweight oil. Using oil helps to put moisture into the hair. Make sure to give the nape area some extra love with the oil. That area rubs our collar and shoulders constantly, so it creates dryness and friction, and extra oil helps with this.

Creme is used to lock in the moisture and make sure that it stays. If you have curly or wavy hair you can use a good curl enhancer cream. Or a leave-in conditioner, following this routine in order will help you to maintain beautiful extensions. Now this routine is not to be done every day. Once you see that your extensions start to look a little on the dry side that is when you do this method. Also, after every wash, yes you can wash your extensions!

How to care for virgin hair extensions at night

black silk bonnet
Satin Bonnet is used to protect the hair at night.

Remember virgin hair is just like your natural hair it needs all the love and care as well. On normal days you must spritz your curls or wavy hair with a little water and it will make your curls bounce back. For straight hair or hair that has been curled with hair tools, you would not spray with water unless you are detangling them. To detangle hair using a wide-tooth comb, start at the ends of the hair, and work your way up. ONLY DETANGLE WHILE WET

Satin bonnets or scarfs are the healthiest way to wrap your hair extensions as well as your natural hair at night. If you have wavy or curly virgin hair extensions, then at night you can braid two braids. In the morning you can spray it with water and the natural pattern will refreshen. You can also use a long satin bonnet this way your curls can just hang while you sleep.

For straight hair or wavy hair that has been curled, you can use the pin curl method, Flexi rods, rollers, or the curl band to help you keep your luscious curls. If you like to just curl your hair every morning. Then you can opt-out of the curling tools and just cover your hair with a satin scarf or bonnet. Curly hair can wearers can use the pineapple method with a satin scarf.

how to care for virgin hair extensions
You must wash your virgin hair extensions

How to wash your virgin hair extensions

You can wash your virgin hair extension just as if you would your natural hair in terms of when. Also, when your extension seems to be heavy or oily, not holding a curl well due to using products, this would be a good time to wash them too. Use a shampoo and conditioner that is good for natural hair and comb the shampoo through the hair using your fingers. Do not scrub or rub the hair together just gently comb through getting every strand.

Rinse hair thoroughly with lukewarm or cold water. Do not use hot water, this creates tangles and friction. It will ruin your hair so always use cold or lukewarm water. Put conditioner in the same as the shampoo and then rinse. Afterward, you can blow-dry or put it into the desired style.

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