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Holiday Gift Ideas: How to give the perfect gift

Queenmof styles holiday gift guide

It’s just weeks till Christmas and you haven’t begun shopping for gifts. Need holiday gift ideas? Don’t worry, Queen Of Styles has you covered! We know that 2020 has been a very hard year! Getting gifts is just not that easy! With Covid-19 still among us, most people just want the simple things in life. […]


how to care for virgin hair extensions

How to care for virgin hair extensions: When purchasing virgin hair extensions, caring for them is particularly important to get the appropriate usage. As well as keeping your extensions looking soft, silky, and fresh! Many people purchase this hair and have no clue on how to care for it. This ends up being a waste […]

Natural Hair Care With Protective Styles

natural hair care

Natural hair care is very important. When wearing protective styles we still have to take care of our natural hair that’s underneath. What would be the point of a protective style if you don’t maintain your natural hair? What actually would the protective style be protecting? We wear sew-ins, braids, and wigs to protect our […]



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