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My Hair Journal," is the best way to track your hair growth journey! Having the right products and tools is important. Whether your hair is naturally curly, coils, loc's, relaxed, or in between, this journal will benefit your journey to healthy hair growth. It is a 12 month hair tracker designed to help you identify your problem area's as well as strengths when caring for your hair. 

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Tips For Mink Lash care

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Once you get a taste of wearing mink lashes you will never want to go back to wearing anything else. The difference between the types of lashes will be noticed immediately. Queen of Styles mink lashes are elegant and come in a variety of choices. Some of the choices are 3D, 5D, thin line, and …

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Quality vs non-quality hair

Blog quality vs quantity

The need for high-quality hair is becoming more popular every day. The problem is that everyone wants what’s popular but, not willing to pay the amount of money it cost for quality hair. It used to be easy to get your hair done. You would just go to your local beauty supply store and buy …

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the Queen’s of black history WHO INSPIRED QUEEN OF STYLES 3D MINK LASh LINE

I am a queen, born into a family of queens. So it was only right that I would use this in naming my business. I am proud of who I am and I also believe that every woman should feel the same. So I decided to open a business that caters to making women feel …

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