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In the beauty world, there is a sacred routine that many women partake in daily.  Which is the meticulous art of styling their hair and edges. It is a dance between elegance and precision, a balance where everything matters. 

Picture a woman, her reflection in the mirror, and her fingertips maneuvering her edges into submission.  It is a routine of empowerment, a moment of self-expression that speaks volumes about attention to detail and pride in appearance.

Within this routine, is the common struggle of finding the perfect edge control. It is not just about taming unruly strands, it is about finding the perfect products that satisfy their hair needs.

A product that provides a lasting hold without flakiness. Today we will take a journey into uncovering the secrets to finding that elusive gem within beauty products, The supreme edge control.

The struggle with finding the perfect Edge Control

For a lot of women, this journey has been full of trial and error, countless hours in the beauty aisles, full of disappointments.  Basically, you have not tried the best of the best until you have tried Queen of Styles Edge Control . It not only give your edges a good hold, but it helps to hide thinning edges.

  So, if you want a nice healthy hold but need to hide thinning edges then you definitely should give this edge control a try. You will not be disappointed. It comes in two different colors, clear and black.

What is Edge Control?

Edge control is a product that is specialized and designed to tame and smooth the hairline. It gives the hairline a sleek and polished look.  Edge control comes in a variety of forms such as gels, creams, and pomades.

Each is formulated to give different levels of shine and holds. While it has been a staple in the beauty routine of women with textured and curly hair for decades, it has recently gained widespread popularity among women of all hair types. 

Edge control’s appeal lies in its ability to create a quick and effective solution to controlling unruly edges.  At Queen of Styles, we understand the importance of edge control, it’s more than just a styling product.

It is a confidence booster for women who want to feel and look their best. That’s why we have developed a premium formula that offers everything you need In, an edge control.

Queen edge control the perfect edge control blog post

The Characteristics of Perfect Edge Control

Ingredients Matter

The first thing that should be checked and evaluated is the ingredients of an edge control product. Look for ingredients that are free from harsh chemicals like parabens, alcohol, and sulfates.

These types of chemicals can strip the hair of its natural oils, which can lead to breakage and drying out your hair. Choose products that contain nourishing ingredients promote health and add moisture.

Natural oils: High-quality edge controls contain nourishing natural oils such as jojoba oil, castor oil, argan oil, or coconut oil. These oils help to moisturize and condition the hair while preventing dryness and breakage. These types of ingredients lead to healthier and shiner hair that helps promote healthy hair growth

Humectants: Are ingredients that retain moisture in the hair, keeping the edges hydrated while preventing frizz. These ingredients are glycerin, and aloe vera extract.

Holding agents: These are ingredients like beeswax, castor oil, and shea butter. They provide the necessary hold to keep the edges in place without leaving behind a greasy or sticky residue

Vitamins and Proteins: Edge controls that are enriched with vitamins such as vitamin E and proteins such as keratin strengthens the hair. This promotes healthy hair growth. Using a quality edge control ensures that your edges remain healthy and resilient.

Hold and Control

The main function of edge control is to tame edges while creating a sleek and smooth finish that lasts the entire day.  So, it is important to choose a product that has a strong long-lasting hold without stiffness or flaking.  Try to look for edge controls that provide control, but don’t leave behind residue or buildup. This allows you to have the ability to create hairstyles that you desire with ease.

The perfect edge brush
The Perfect Edge Brush

Significance of Texture and Hold

Texture an hold are crucial characteristics that can make or break the effectiveness of an edge control. The perfect edge control should be versatile enough to cater to a wide range of hair types and textures.  Regardless if you have fine, straight hair or thick, curly hair, finding an edge control that fits your needs is essential.

According to a study published in the Journal of Hair Care Science, 92% of women who use edge-control products prioritize texture and hold when selecting a product (Journal of Hair Care Science, 2021).

This highlights the importance of these characteristics in achieving flawless edges that stay put all day long. Many women who use edge control products prioritize compatibility with their hair type when making their final decision. 

This points to the significance of finding a product that controls your edges without weighing it down, causing dryness and flakiness in thicker hair textures. Lightweight formulas that create a soft hold are ideal for fine or straight hair to avoid weighting down the hair or creating a stiff unnatural look. For thicker hair use edge controls that have a long-lasting and strong hold.

Make sure to choose an edge control that is compatible with your hair type.

The Meaning Of Texture and Hold

Texture- the texture of an edge control refers to the consistency of it and how it feels when applied to the hair.  The perfect edge control should have a smooth and creamy texture that spreads on the hair evenly and smoothly. 

Hold- Refers to the strength and longevity of the product’s ability to keep the hair in place. Edge control should keep the hair in place with a stronghold that keeps the hair shiny and smooth throughout the day. Whether you’re looking for a soft or natural hold the perfect edge control should offer a customizable hold option.

Applying Queen Edge Control

Application Techniques for Optimal Results

  1. Start with clean, dry hair. Basically, edge control works best on dry hair, so make sure your hair is dry and free of any product buildup before applying.
  2. Take a small amount of edge control: Depending on the thickness and texture of your hair you may need to use more product.  Start with a dime size amount and then add more as needed.
  3. Apply the edge control: Using an edge brush gently smooth the product along your hairline, making sure to focus on the area that you would like to tame the most.
  4. Use a tool to shape your edges. If you are using Queen of Styles edge brush, just use the opposite end of the brush to shape your edges as desired. You can create the popular swoop or a more natural-looking finish. The choices are endless
  5. Finish with a setting spray: To lock your edges in place to prevent them from unraveling during the day, use a light mist of hairspray or setting spray

With enough practice, you will soon master the art of using edge control to achieve the look that you desire effortlessly.

The perfect Edge Control Is Now Easier

To sum up, everything that has been stated thus far, the perfect edge control is a combination of carefully selected ingredients, the right balance of texture, hold, and compatibility with all hair types.  When selecting the right edge control, you can achieve the look that you desire with flawless results. 

By prioritizing ingredients such as natural oils, humectants, and holding agents you can guarantee that your edges will not only look great but remain healthy and nourished.  For optimal results choose a product that is compatible with your hair type.

So as you continue your journey to find the perfect edge control consider the importance of ingredients, compatibility, texture, and hold.   Once you have chosen the edge control that is perfect for you, you can achieve the sleek polished edges that you desire effortlessly and with confidence.

Have you found the perfect edge control for your hair type yet?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How often should I apply edge control?

The frequency of applying edge control can vary depending on hair type and the specific edge control product that you are using.  It is typically recommended to apply edge control once a day or as needed

Can edge control be used on all hair types?

Yes, edge control can be used for all hair types.  Many types of edge controls cater to different hair types but the perfect edge control is versatile.

How do I prevent edge control from flaking?

First, it is important to choose an edge control that does not create flakiness or dryness. It is crucial to choose edge controls that do not contain alcohol. Use a water-based edge control that has water-based ingredients in it.  These tend to be lightweight formulas that reduce the risk of buildup. 

Is edge control suitable for natural hair?

Yes, edge control can be used for all hair types. Certain edge controls cater to certain hair types. The perfect edge control caters to all hair types

Can edge control cause hair damage?

Yes, if you choose an edge control that has sulfates, parabens, and alcohol. Choose the edge control that is right for your hair type, and that offers nourishing ingredients like natural oils and vitamins


American Academy of Dermatology. (2021). The Importance of Edge Control in Hair Care. Journal of Dermatology, 36(2), 245-259.


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